“Weekend house “UA”, area between 18m² and 30m²; 3,6m in width


“Weekend house “UB”, area between 24m² and 60m²; 4,8m in width

Self-modelled house, constructed from finished details, to be used as:

  • Summer house
  • Camping house
  • Sauna house (with additional fire safety measures)
  • Garden house
  • Warehouses and processing premises for agricultural produce
  • Auxiliary building

According to the General Construction Standards and Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 500, a building is classified under Annex 1 of this Regulation: “Building group I:
(3) Detached, industrially produced one-storey building with construction area up to 60 m2, including a container-type building or construction product, except for a building where a hazardous device is situated.”